Database Conversion - Critical Role in Banking Giant's Conversion Project

A major North American Investment bank needed to consolidate and update their existing disparate legacy systems. Multiple copies of their core data existed on various platforms such as Adabas, Sybase and Access with no central source. They also had a pressing business requirement to enable some of their customer related data for access via the web. DB2 UDB V7 for OS/390 was chosen as the strategic DBMS and it was soon realised that specialised assistance and technical expertise would be required to ensure a smooth transition from their legacy systems to DB2.

To aid the large-scale conversion effort, Triton provided experienced consultants to assist in many diverse areas of development. Physical database models were produced and general database design procedures devised. Triton?s technicians also produced SQL coding standards and guidelines whilst providing valuable assistance throughout the development cycle. Other areas where Triton contributed to the overall success of conversion projects included devising database object naming standards, database change management procedures and proactive performance tuning. Within the first 12 months of DB2 development, Triton played a crucial role in the successful production implementation of several applications within demanding timescales. These applications gave investment bank personnel a major competitive edge over their counterparts at other large financial organisations. Triton's main task was to ensure that a DB2 infrastructure was in place to support the delivery of critical applications to the business in a timely and accurate manner. However, another major focus was to enable staff that were new to DB2 to be self-sufficient. The transfer of knowledge from Triton's consultants to permanent employees was another major success story, empowering IT staff in the skills required to develop major DB2 applications as efficiently and as economically as possible. As part of the ongoing relationship we develop with our customers, our DB2 specialists give regular technical updates on the latest releases of DB2 and also other specific technical subjects such as data sharing. This reduces the need for long-term contract staff whilst ensuring that valued employees keep up to date with the latest database features and technologies.

"With few in-house skills, we needed to support the delivery of critical DB2 applications to the business in a timely and accurate manner. Triton made that possible."

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