Designed for customers who need varying levels of support and consultancy during the year.

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Ensuring your information management systems are properly maintained whilst keeping within tight budgets can be a real challenge. This is especially so when levels of support and consultancy vary throughout the year.

How does Consultancy on Demand work?

Hours can be used for DB2 training courses, consultancy, development work or to provide specific skills where they are lacking in the team.

You purchase a block of 20, 50 or 100 hours. You can then call off hours as and when you need them.

This service is highly flexible meaning that you could, for example call off some hours for a development piece and plan some training for later in the year.

Cost Saving

People costs are an increasing proportion of many IT budgets and skilled database administrators can be an expensive resource but costs can't be justified for full managed services.

Still running DB2 V10.1 or older?
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