• Remote DBA

     The smooth and efficient running of our IT service is absolutely critical to the business across the year; however during peak when the volume of parcels going through the operation is significantly higher, it’s even more crucial to ensure that our IT infrastructure and processes are robust. Triton has provided a strong performance improvement programme that has delivered a real impact for us as we head into Peak 2018.” 

    David Caldicott IT Director, Hermes

    “Triton continues to provide an excellent level of support and guidance. I am very impressed with Blu and the columnar performance – it’s lighting fast! We've also had some very positive comments from BI users about the performance of the new Data Warehouse.”

    Phil Wainman Head of Database intelligence, Vision Express

    Having been aware of Triton Consulting's reputation as DB2 experts, we were pleased to discover that they could provide remote support of our infrastructure in Stockholm from their UK Support Centre. Over the years Triton have been able to meet our changing requirements and we have used both their DB2 RemoteDBA and DB2 Consultancy on Demand services.

    We have been very pleased with the knowledge and professionalism of all the staff at Triton and the quality of support they've provided has been excellent.

    Peter Aandahl Business Intelligence Manager Greenpeace Nordic

    I have been working with Triton Consulting in my role as Programme Director and Operational Excellence Consultant for one of our clients, and have been delighted by the short response times, professionalism and technical expertise in and around DB2 matters. Not only their standard DB2 Remote DBA Support Service but also their Ad-Hoc DB2 Consultancy on Demand offering provided an excellent mix of service levels covering the support the project team(s) needed. I definitely recommend Triton Consulting to any organisation in need of DB2 services and support.

    Dr Alexandra Fenzl Assistant Director, Operational and IT Transaction Services Ernst & Young LLP

    Remote DBA

    Our business spans across several continents, from the Americas to Europe to Australia and therefore across various time zones. Consequently, we required a 24x7 DB2 support service and Triton's ‘Remote DBA 24x7 plus' service fit the bill perfectly. The support team are all very professional, extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of DB2 and totally dependable at any time. We've had good experiences all along the way.

    Parvesh Kumar Director, Database & Application Services, Research Now

    Remote DBA

    Triton have provided Gamesys Ltd with a Remote DBA service. We initially engaged Triton when we first migrated our data to IBM's DB2 engine and have continued this relationship, whilst we have grown bigger and more knowledgeable ourselves about the DB2 product

    Tom Hilary CTO, Gamesys

    Remote DBA

    Remote DBA has been invaluable to us in a number of instances e.g when our in-house DBA's have been tied up on major projects, out of the office on training or to cover out of hours support.We have used the Remote DBA service a number of times over the last 7 years. It has been invaluable to us in a number of instances e.g when our in-house DBAs have been tied up on major projects, out of the office on training or to cover out of hours support. The service has always been carried out in a professional and expert manor and has been very cost effective solution to ensuring our business critical systems are supported regardless of in-house resource


    Elizabeth O'Neil, Holiday Extras Head of Architecture & Development

    British Car Auctions have enjoyed working with Triton over many years. Triton have provided a terrific service to us over this period in supporting our DB2 database

    Stewart Velzian, British Car Auctions Head of IT Process and Quality Management

  • Health Check


    We recently engaged Triton Consulting to carry out a comprehensive Health Check of our trading platform which had been developed 18 months earlier using Linux on a DB2 database. The work was completed in an extremely professional manner and a set of findings and recommendations were clearly set out in a comprehensive report.
    Since then, we've engaged Triton on several occasions and have been delighted by their responsiveness and by the quality of the advice and guidance that they've provided. We're planning to add major additional functionality to our trading platform in the not too distant future and expect Triton to play a significant role in the design, implementation and ongoing support.

    Moustapha Awada, Sunofia Advisors CEO

  • Consultancy on Demand

    Triton worked with us to migrate our DB2 infrastructure from z/Linuz to Power Linux and implement a DB2 upgrade from version 9.7 to version 11.1. Pulsen Retail is part of the Pulsen Group, one of the oldest IT companies in Sweden. As such it is imperative for us to be able to provide our customers with the reliable, expert service they are used to, with no interruptions to service. We were working to a very tight timeframe and Triton’s team showed true professionalism and skill to enable the migrations to be carried out smoothly and within the timeframe.

    Daniel Lorén Development and Maintenance Manager, Pulsen Retail.

    I have worked with quite a lot of technology suppliers, but the Triton service is second to none. It's the best service I have encountered in the 14 years I have been with CPA Global.

    Juandi Abbott, CPA Global Business Integration Manager

    We've been using Triton's Consultancy on Demand Service for 3 or 4 years now. We pre-pay for a number of hours of Consultancy or Planned Support that we can call-off anytime over a 12 month period. This works well for us because there are long periods where we don't need to contact Triton but it's been great to know that we have them there in the background when we need them.

    Paul Millington Software Manager - EMEA, Quantum Aviation Solutions

    Remote DBA & Consultancy on Demand

    Our partnership with Triton is valuable in a number of ways. For example, they provide remote DBA support over the weekends so we can make sure someone is always on call. Triton provides an exemplary DB2 technical staff, experienced in working with many customers. They bring that knowledge into our discussions, and we have learned so much from them over the years.

    Philip Carrington Senior DBA, Holiday Extras

  • DB2 Consultancy

    D&G have been working to deliver a programme that implements a new Enterprise Data Warehouse platform, which critically must synchronise in real time with our legacy IT operational platform. This programme has had a number of technology hurdles and challenges and we have a number of key suppliers who have provided us the expertise to help us deliver this transformational solution. Over the past 2-3 years, Triton Consulting has been a trusted supplier to us as they have provided us with technology expertise in DB2 to help us when we haven't got the expertise or capacity internally.


    We have worked well with Triton as they have both the technology expertise which is in high demand with our team and also more importantly their flexibility to meet our needs in regards to our changing demand which can at times be unpredictable. I would recommend Triton to any organisation with demand in DB2 development services as well as support needs.

    Julie Dennis, Director of Solution Delivery, Domestic and General

    We purchased the DBI Brother-Panther® product to provide performance monitoring on our new website application which was being developed in house. Triton came onsite and assisted with the initial set-up and configuration of the tool and also provided excellent training and knowledge transfer to the team which included guidance on how to make the best use of the tools. 

    We have now been using Brother Panther for three months and it has been invaluable in identifying and allowing us to quickly fix performance problems that have manifested themselves in our embryonic bespoke application.

    David Wilson Database and Business Systems Technical Manager, Camelot

    PCMS have used Triton Consulting on numerous occasions over the past few years. Their diverse Information Management capabilities range from being able to dive into complex live production issues through to providing Tier 1 project support has added great complimentary services to the PCMS portfolio. We consider Triton Consulting as a true value-add partner, able to quickly respond to demanding requirements and supportive of our strategic goals.

    Pete Brown Head of IT Services

    DB2 Consultancy

    PCMS initially engaged Triton Consulting to validate and advise on the DB2 design for a specific project we were doing with a Global Retailer. They sent in a Consultant who was clearly very experienced in all aspects of DB2 LUW together with a second experienced Consultant (at no extra charge to PCMS) to gain a first-hand understanding of the design and infrastructure we were building for our client. We saw this as real added-value. Since that initial assignment, PCMS have re-engaged Triton on the programme for DB2 and TSA support at various key stages. We have always been impressed by their ability to hit the ground running, to integrate into our existing team and by their expert knowledge of DB2.

    Richard Goodall Group Sales & Marketing Director, PCMS

    DB2 Consultancy

    I can't recommend this service and Triton strongly enough. Without this service and their continued support a number of critical projects in our business would not have been a success. Both our account manager and technical consultant are on the other end of a phone whenever I need them and have always been flexible, reliable and above all experts in their field. Trition have taken the time to understand our business and challenges and are a key component to the our success of our datawarehouse.


    Elizabeth O'Neil, Holiday Extras Head of Architecture & Development

    When we first contacted Triton, we were experiencing problems with regards to getting DB2 to work effectively on Windows NT for a new application and we had some very demanding time constraints. They proved themselves to be knowledgeable, professional and flexible; working with us to achieve our goals and leaving us with good documentation on the work done. With Triton's invaluable assistance we managed to deliver our project on time.

    Howard Kemp, Independent Insurance Co. Ltd Project Manager

    We have worked with Triton Consulting with a number of our prestigious and corporate accounts. We have found their consultants to be very competent and committed to sustaining their excellent expertise in the DB2 UDB family of products. I was particularly impressed by their understanding and appreciation of customers issues and their client-facing and communication skills. I would recommend Triton to any client.

    Dr Shahin Taromsari, IBM Software Group Senior Artficial Intelligence and ORDBMS Specialist, Data Management Pre-Sales Technical

    Triton's professionalism and expertise were key factors in the success of this project.

    Paul Hamil, Federal Mogul Technical Implementation Manager

    Triton's technical consultants proved to be highly cost effective, with the guarantee of high quality team players who immediately produce results.

    Paul Fish, Midlands Electricity Board IT Director

    Triton provided us with clear strategic, independent advice, backed up with solid technical implementation skills

    Shafik Alhbi, Legal and General General Manager of IT Strategy Services

  • zTune

    I believe that the zTune service from Triton Consulting offers customers a unique opportunity to reduce spiralling mainframe costs, providing an end-to-end approach to mainframe cost management, from initial auditing and LPAR optimisation through to specific workload tuning. Having worked alongside Triton for many years, I highly rate their in-depth mainframe knowledge and professionalism, and I'm confident that many mainframe sites will benefit from this service

    Paul Arnerich, Independent Consultant

  • Training

    The course met my needs and exceeded my expectations!

    Daniel Day, Debenhams DBA - Data Warehouse Systems