Organisations are increasingly operating on a global scale. When once you could schedule your maintenance updates for Sunday night, this now affects users across the other side of the globe.

When downtime is unplanned however, these issues multiply ten-fold. These outages are a lot more visible to users and the public at large with potential ramifications to revenue, brand image and customer satisfaction.

There are a number of different solutions available which can provide high availability and disaster recovery:

DB2 pureScale

IBM DB2 pureScale offers clustering technology that delivers continuous availability, unlimited scalability and application transparency. DB2 pureScale is based on industry leading DB2 for z/OS data sharing technology and is now available as an option on IBM DB2 LUW. Learn more


High Availability Disaster Recovery for DB2 from IBM is a data replication feature that provides a high availability solution for both partial and complete site failures. HADR allows the standby database to take over as the primary database with full DB2 functionality. It is also possible for the original primary database to be brought back up and returned to it's status of primary database.


Runs at the operating system level, with a heartbeat signal ensuring that the services are still available. The heartbeat can be implemented over the network, or through a serial connection or even shared disk. If the passive server does not receive regular heartbeats from the active server, it will take over services.

Peer-to-Peer clustering

Also known as 2-Way Replication allows two or more active database servers to provide read / write access to application data. Data updates are delivered over the replication solution to the other members of the replication cluster in an asynchronous manner.

Data sharing – DB2 for z/OS

DB2 for z/OS Data Sharing is an all active, shared memory clustering solution based on the zSeries

Parallel Sysplex technology. The parallel sysplex coupling facilities are used to cache locking information and buffered data, making these available to all of the members of the cluster.

This is the pinnacle of high availability solutions for DB2 for z/OS

Triton provide consultancy on all of the above solutions and we can help you choose the best fit for your organisations' needs.

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