The financial services data explosion - webinar
June 8th, 2009

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Managing the data explosion in the Financial Services Sector on 9th July 2009

Although the financial services sector has had a pretty rocky time of late we know that "the show must go on" and that you still need to provide a reliable and responsive service to your customers and stakeholders.

The sector has seen many mergers and acquisitions which has created a "data headache" within organisations. Suddenly the amount of data has grown massively, putting pressure on response times, SLA's and customer service. Add to this the pressure that financial services organisations are facing in terms of regulation compliance and we can see that managing data volumes is fast becoming a serious challenge

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With budgets under ever more scrutiny it is essential for companies to strip out unnecessary expenditure. Proactively managing the size of production databases by archiving non-current data on a daily basis delivers significant and ongoing cost savings.

During the webinar we will cover:

• What's causing the data explosion in the Financial Services Sector?
• Drowning in data!
• Effects of rapid data growth
• Coping with the data explosion
• Case Study - AVIVA - An insider's view into managing a data archiving project

Julian Stuhler - IBM Gold Consultant, IBM Data Champion, 2008-09 President of IDUG - International DB2 User Group and Triton Consulting Solutions Delivery Director

Andrew Crouch - AVIVA - IBM Optim Archiving Subject Matter Expert

This event is designed specifically for senior IT professionals working in the financial services sector who are experiencing issues related to growing data volumes.