High Availability for Linux on IBM System z Servers - Live virtual class
May 16th, 2008

Triton Consulting and IBM invite you to join this complimentary webcast.

Date: Wed - May 28, 2008
Time: London 4:00 PM,
Duration: 75 minutes

Linux virtual servers are increasingly being used to support critical applications in IBM System z and zSeries server environments. As the mission becomes more important; so does the need to ensure its supporting infrastructure is highly available. But how?

z/OS system programmers know the best practices for eliminating single points of failure for their systems; but may be unsure how to translate those techniques to the Linux world. Admins coming from a distributed Linux background may wonder how a virtualized environment on zSeries changes the game. And both groups may ponder how to best marry the Linux and z/OS worlds to maximize availability.

Wonder no more. This session will cover a set of high availability architectures for Linux virtual servers (LVS); in the context of serving data to WebSphere applications (though WebSphere itself won't be the main focus). We'll discuss:

1. Single points of failure in an LVS environment; probabilities of each; and the relative cost to eliminate them -- with examples of how to do so
2. The power of virtualization to minimize degradation of service in the wake of failures; and to reduce the need for large clusters of redundant servers
3. How software running on Linux virtual servers can work cooperatively with a Parallel Sysplex and z/OS data sharing groups
4. Sample architecture specifics; including architectural decisions and tradeoffs; configuration options; and product technologies used.

If you would like to take part please email us to register.