Executive Brief: Reduce IT Costs & Improve Business Performance
April 6th, 2010

Worldwide economic uncertainty over the last 12 months has put significant pressure on CIOs to, at the very least, keep IT costs level with a push for cost reduction across theboard.  Gone are the days when performance issues were relatively easily handled by adding more hardware and such purchases were part of the routine budget cycle.  

Managing performance and cost has become a significantly more difficult job with capacity planners and performance analysists beign asked to defer hardware and software upgrades due to squeezed budgets.  Many large IT departments have also seen loss of staff due to redundancy and this has put addd pressure on maintainign good application performance.  

One of the most effective ways of reducing or containing mainframe costs is through better manageemnt of CPU consumption.  By slowing doen the growth of CPU usage, hardware and software upgrades can be deferred thereby allowin organisations to keep costs down and performance and profitability up.  

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