Triton Consulting are first IBM Business Partners in Europe to work with DB2 pureScale
April 19th, 2010

DB2 experts, Triton Consulting are the first IBM Business Partners in Europe to work with DB2 pureScale - IBM's latest and most important new feature for DB2 LUW. 

Triton have a team of DB2 experts spending a week at IBM Labs in Boeblingen Germany on a research and development project. During their time there Triton's consultants will be gaining practical experience in the installation, operation and use of a pureScale environment as well as testing DB2 pureScale for scalability and resilience.

Based on the industry leading System z data sharing architecture, DB2 pureScale integrates IBM technologies to keep critical systems available 24/7. DB2 pureScale allows organisations to have multiple database servers in a system that all share a common set of disks providing both scalability, availability and application transparency.

Triton Consulting were amongst the first to hear about DB2 pureScale in a briefing for IBM's 100 Gold Consultants. Julian Stuhler, Triton's Service Delivery Director, is among this select group and comments: "This is the single most significant technology improvement that IBM has introduced to the midrange market in years. By utilizing the many years of mainframe data sharing experience, DB2 pureScale will revolutionize the way organizations are able to manage their workload; achieve scalability and continuous availability"

The Triton team will be concentrating on proving some of IBM's scalability and resilience claims by running large workloads on the pureScale system and monitoring how it reacts to simulated resource shortages and hardware failures.

"We're delighted to be the first IBM Business Partners in Europe to work with pureScale. Triton have worked with data sharing on the mainframe for many years so both our mainframe & midrange teams were excited to see how this technology has been brought across to the midrange platform." Says James Gill, Principal Consultant - DB2 Mainframe, Triton Consulting.

As part of the same exercise, Triton will also be testing the new Optim Performance Manager Extended Edition. This product supports monitoring and tuning pureScale environments, as well as offering a re-architected Web-based user interface that provides overview and alert dashboards for immediate problem detection.

Iqbal Goralwalla, Principal Consultant - DB2 Midrange says: "It's certainly been an interesting week here in Boeblingen and we have really been able to take a deep dive into pureScale. In terms of scalability and resilience, pureScale really is second to none in the marketplace"

The Triton team hope to continue working on the pureScale research project over the next few months and plan to produce a series of technical blogs and briefings.