IBM announce DB2 SQL Skin Feature for Applications compatible with Sybase
May 25th, 2010

IBM have announced a DB2 SQL skin feature for applications compatible with Sybase ASE.

Designed to make the move from Sybase to DB2 easier, this new feature can reduce cost and risk.  The need for application code changes to either the client or the stored procedures is now minimised.  The feature often allows legacy applications to run on DB2 without even recompiling.

The DB2 SQL Skin feature allows Sybase ASE compatible applications and native DB2 applications to coexist on the same box and even the same partition. This means that organisations can consolidate to better use the hardware and licenses which they already have to eliminate legacy licenses and maintenance costs.

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SAP announced the acquisition of Sybase for a reported $6 billion.  This will allow SAP to enter the mobile enterprise software market and offer additional flexibility to their customers.