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June 30th, 2011

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Small but perfectly formed
As well as all the large, well-known outsourcing providers there is an army of smaller, niche service providers out there who are expertly placed to provide high quality support. Rather than outsourcing their IT systems lock stock and barrel, organisations can look to supplement their internal resources with niche technical skills for interim staffing, ad-hoc consultancy or even just as an "insurance policy" back-up. Rather than outsourcing to a good "all-rounder", organisations should look to specialist providers for the in-depth technical knowledge required to support mission critical systems.

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Top 5 reasons For choosing a managed service for your database
In recent years the move to outsource IT or business processes has really taken hold. There are many reasons why an organisation may choose to outsource all or part of their database management system. The obvious answer is to save money and of course that is a major factor, however, it's not the only reason for looking at outsourcing.

From speaking to our customers we see a range of different reasons for outsourcing database management. Cost is certainly one of those, as you'll see below, but we also found a few others.

These are the top 5 reasons we see from our customers for choosing to outsource all or part of their DB2 database support.

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