Press Coverage - Vision - Supporting the Support Team
September 26th, 2011

How can you get 24-hour expert IT support without blowing the budget?

Keeping those vital back-end IT systems functioning 24/7 is a must for most organisations. No one notices when things are running smoothly and support teams are working around the clock, but as soon as there is an outage of any sort, it doesn't take long before staff get frustrated and the IT department gets a migraine.

For large organisations with sizeable support teams, having the right amount of IT cover out of hours or during peak holiday seasons is unlikely to be a big issue. However, for smaller companies with fewer IT support staff, this can be a major concern, especially if problems occur out of hours when cover is unlikely to be available. Some businesses are simply coping with what they have and are lucky enough not to have experienced any major issues...yet.

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