Reducing Mainframe Computing Costs by Controlling Workload Consumption - A New Service from Triton Consulting
May 1st, 2013

DB2 and mainframe experts, Triton Consulting, announce the launch of their new zTune service.

The unique zTune service helps organisations to take control of their mainframe workload peaks and so bring down the cost of software licences.

Managing performance and cost has become a significantly more difficult job in recent years with capacity planners and performance analysts being asked to defer hardware and software upgrades due to squeezed budgets. One of the most effective ways of reducing mainframe costs is through better management of CPU consumption.

‘Mainframe software charges are usually based on peak usage. Whatever your peak workload in a given month is what you pay for. This means that one workload spike could push your costs up significantly.' Says Julian Stuhler, Solutions Delivery Director, Triton Consulting Ltd.

Triton can help customers to regain control of their software charges by running an audit of their current environment and identifying when and where the workload peaks occur.

Typically customers can reduce their peak by a minimum of 3% with no performance impacts whatsoever and many customers can reduce their peak by 5% from the initial audit.

The majority of mainframe users have significant potential for reducing resource consumption through tuning. This is especially true for those with older applications that haven't been actively maintained for a while or who have lost some of their deep DB2 skills through retirement or redundancy.

‘For many large organisations, reducing the cost of running mainframe applications whilst providing great service is a key goal. By taking control of peak workloads, those organisations can see significant results - straight to the bottom-line' says Carol Davis-Mann, Marketing Manager, Triton Consulting Ltd.

By implementing key tuning procedures, ongoing software costs can be reduced and mainframe upgrades deferred. In addition, application performance will be enhanced and overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduced.

About Triton Consulting
Triton Consulting specialises in Data Management and has been an IBM Premier Business Partner since 1998. Specialising in DB2 for both the mainframe and distributed systems, Triton provides a full range of services from consultancy through to education and 24/7 DB2 support. 

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