Expert DB2 Consultancy Launches New Database Availability Service
January 20th, 2015

As part of a strategic update of their DB2 Consultancy service offerings Triton Consulting are today announcing the launch of their new Database Availability for DB2 LUW service. Long known for their expertise in DB2, Triton Consulting have been providing expert DB2 consultancy and related services since 1996. The launch of this new service brings together all of Triton's experience with DB2 and availability into a complete package which will enable organisations to ensure business resiliency and stability for their IT systems.

"I am delighted that we are announcing the launch of our Database Availability Service today. We have been working with customers for many years to help them improve the resiliency of their DB2 systems but this new structure will make it far easier for customers to evaluate, plan and implement the best availability solution for their business." Paul Stoker, Director at Triton Consulting Ltd.

In today's 24/7 environment organisations are expected to have services available around the clock. IT teams are under increasing pressure from the business and ultimately from customers who expect to be able to access services at any time. The fallout from a serious database outage can be disastrous for organisations and for those individuals who are tasked with keeping data available.

The Triton Consulting Database Availability for DB2 LUW service is designed to enable CIOs and IT Directors to ensure that their organisations' IT infrastructure can meet growing availability demands and take away the worry of failure.

The service is split into three clearly defined phases:
1 - Evaluation
2 - Design
3 - Implementation

The proven methodology of this three-stage approach can be applied to any organisation, large or small and addresses the key issues of; What exposures do I have in my system and which solution will cost effectively provide the data availability I need?

"We have been working with a range of database availability solutions for many years including IBM DB2 pureScale, Tivoli Systems Automation and HADR to name just a few. This new service brings together all of our knowledge and expertise into a proven process which will allow us to help customers to evaluate their current processes and implement the best solution for their business." Iqbal Goralwalla, Head of DB2 Midrange Services at Triton Consulting and IBM Data Champion.

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