Maximise your mainframe
September 2nd, 2008

What are the mainframe data challenges in your business?

"Most of my business critical data resides on the mainframe"  

"I want to make better use of my mainframe data but don't understand the alternatives"

"I have business intelligence projects taking data from the mainframe but I'm worried about controlling the security of that data"

"I am finding data integration inefficient in terms of time and resource consumption"

"The amount of new hardware and software required for data integration goes against our strategy of streamlining operations"

"I need a data integration solution that runs on my mainframe"

The Solution - IBM Information Server
IBM Information Server is the market-leading data integration platform. It enables mainframe users to understand disparate data sources, cleanse data to ensure consistent quality and transform and restructure information.

It also provides metadata and proof of data lineage required by many compliance regulations directly on the mainframe. The industry's broadest federation support enables IBM Information Server for system Z to access multiple diverse data and content sources in real time as if they were a single source.

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