Linux on System Z - Teleconference October 9, 2008
September 26th, 2008

It sounds appealing: Consolidating applications on System z to take advantage of its economies of scale and other benefits - for huge cost savings. And many companies interested in running Linux on System z have done so. But some businesses are uncertain about managing a new operating system on a familiar platform, and want to know how they will be able to migrate and manage workloads.

If you have been waiting to take the plunge and benefit from running Linux workloads in production on System z - the time is now. IBM's new System z10 server is a green machine built for running Linux on System z. If you have hesitated taking the next step in advanced technology because of fear of how you'll manage it all - don't worry - IBM has you covered.

Teleconference October 9th 2008

Join us for this complimentary teleconference to learn how IBM can help you by providing a method of running and consolidating Linux workloads on System z, while improving business continuity and quality of service. We'll discuss how Tivoli management tools use automation to lower business risk with continuous operations that reduce costs and improve the availability of applications running on virtual servers.

You'll see how these tools integrate the management of people and process with the underlying technology solutions and how you can:

  • Use information about your Linux instances running as z/VM guests, and the Linux workloads, to reveal their performance and how they affect z/VM and each other
  • Reduce human error in recovery efforts for systems and applications
  • Improve alignment of employee work efforts with prioritized recovery tasks
  • Compare Linux operations side by side with detailed performance metrics from other important systems.

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Speaker: Mac Holloway, Manager of Development, IBMTivoli OMEGAMON® for z/VM, and Linux on System z

Broadcast date: 4pm

Developed for: IT directors, IT managers, IT operations and system programmers

Technical level: Basic - intermediate