Introducing the new face of enterprise computing
October 29th, 2008

IBM System Z10 Business Class

Increase flexibility, reduce costs and improve security

The newest release, System z10 is the smart, cool and affordable choice:

Smart: z10 BC leading edge technology lets your IT system expand and innovate to meet any business demand.  

Cool: z10 BC offers lower energy consumption and management costs than equivalent systems running on distributed servers.

Affordable: With 40% more speed and up to 50% more capacity than its predecessor the entry level price is highly affordable.

Benefits include:

  • Industry leading combination of System z10 security, resiliency, virtualization and connectivity technologies packaged specifically as a midrange enterprise solution
  • Specialty engines offer an attractive alternative when running new workloads
  • Save energy via consolidation of disparate workloads and reduce costs via virtualization capabilities for more efficient resource sharing
  • Enables future growth-as a modern platform for a growing portfolio of business solutions

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