Clients Across Major Industries, Mature and Emerging Markets Choose IBM Mainframes to Run Their Most Sophisticated Business Transactions
January 6th, 2009

Clients from a range of industries across the globe have chosen IBM mainframes this year to run the world's highly secure and most sophisticated business transactions. Clients selected IBM mainframes because of their distinct advantages over competitive offerings. For example, a single IBM System z10 mainframe is equal to nearly 1500 x86 servers, uses up to 85% less floor space and up to 85% less energy.

The adoption of IBM mainframes, which power the top 50 banks worldwide and 22 of the top 25 US retailers, has enabled IBM's System z to nearly double its share this decade, according to IDC's high-end server quarterly tracker. Over the same timeframe, HP and Sun have lost its share.*1 Additionally, installed capacity of new workloads on IBM mainframes grew significantly in the first half of 2008. For example, Linux "specialty engines" for the mainframe grew 26% in the first half of this year; Java specialty engines grew 45%; and database specialty engines grew 133%.*2

Broad customer adoption of IBM mainframes has led to:  

  • Growth of mainframe applications: 600 new or updated applications were introduced this year, bringing the total to more than 5,000 unique applications.
  • More than 1,400 Independent Software Vendors are developing applications for IBM System z mainframes.
  • More than 130 IBM Business Partners and Systems Integrators are certified to sell IBM System z mainframes.
  • The number of universities worldwide that have worked with IBM to teach mainframe and large systems skills have surpassed 500 -- up from 24 in 2004. Over the past four years, more than 50,000 students have participated in mainframe education. Why 

For more information on the facts about IBM's System z mainframe, visit IBM's Get the Facts website.

*1: According to IDC's high-end +$250K servers quarterly tracker results from 3Q 2000 to 2Q 2008. IDC 2Q08 WW Server Tracker.

*2: IBM internal MIPS inventory numbers comparing 1H07 installed capacity vs. 1H08 revised installed capacity.