High availability technologies for DB2
April 7th, 2009

With the advent of Software as a Service (SaaS) more businesses are relying on the ability to access their business data through web based applications. In addition to the rise of SaaS and Cloud Computing, our businesses are increasingly operating on a global scale.  When once you could schedule your maintenance updates for Sunday night, this now affects users across the other side of the globe. 

When downtime is unplanned however, these issues multiply ten-fold. These outages are a lot more visible to users and the public at large with potential ramifications to revenue, brand image and customer satisfaction.

"Database virtualization provides you with the ability to access your data, all of the time, no matter where the data is physically stored. Database virtualization provides fast access, even in the event of a database server failure, and also provides the ability to add capacity on demand as your workload grows. If you have a system that needs 100% uptime, you need to look at database virtualization."

Dwaine Snow - Senior DB2 Evangelist, IBM.

In his latest technical article, Triton Principal Consultant, James Gill looks at the various solutions to the application availability issue for DB2 databases and how they meet the demands of our ever changing global operations. Visit our download centre to read the full article.