DB2 10.5 for Linux, Unix and Windows features exciting and ground breaking data management innovation for analytic processing. BLU Acceleration is new technology for analytic queries in DB2 LUW.

Join us for our latest podcast series with DB2 expert Iqbal Goralwalla and IBM DB2 Program Director George Baklarz as they take us through the 7 Big Ideas for DB2 10.5.

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Big Idea 7: Data Skipping

With data-skipping technology, DB2 10.5 can automatically skip over the non-qualifying data because it keeps metadata that describes the minimum and maximum range of data values on large sections of data. This enables DB2 to automatically detect large sections of data that don‘t qualify for a query and to effectively ignore them. Data skipping can deliver an order of magnitude in savings across compute resources (CPU, RAM, and I/O). Again, in keeping with the Simplicity theme, there is no DBA action to define the minimum and maximum values for the sections of data values. It is truly invisible.

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